Horses grazing on pasture

The Agricultural Commodity Commission for Equine consists of the Commissioner of Agriculture (Ex-Officio), the Georgia Farm Bureau President (Ex-Officio), one producer elected by Senate Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee and one producer elected by House Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee along with 5 appointed by the above. At least 4 out of 5 appointed members must be producers. “Producer” is defined as any person who owns one or more equine or is engaged within this state in the business of buying, selling, boarding, holding, training, breeding, riding, pulling vehicles with, or otherwise utilizing equine.

Equine Commission Members

Ron Smith                           Chair

Julie Murphy                      Board Member

Robin Tardy                        Board Member

Cassie Taylor                      Board Member

Beth Williams                    Board Member

Harry Thompson              Ex-Officio           

Jimmy Kowalsky               Ex-Officio

Jeremy Taylor                    Georgia Farm Bureau

Gary Walker                       Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Ex-Officio Appointee