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Youth Day At The Capital 2021

This year has been a challenge for many people in our great state of Georgia. We had to
learn different ways of doing things due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As most of you know,
the equine industry has also had to make changes with many of the competition events
around the state. Some had to be rescheduled while others were canceled. The “ normal”
schedules of most, if not all, equine associations and clubs were not possible.
As a result of the challenges with competitions and travel, the hard decision was made at
the last meeting of the Ga. Equine Commission to cancel Youth Day At The Capital for
2021. Some of the concerns leading to this decision included:

● All youth may not be able to participate in enough events to win an award.
● With canceled and or limited schedules, would awards be given?
● If the event were held how many youth and guests could or would come?
● Not knowing what Covid-19 may bring, would large crowds be allowed to gather?
● The ability to ensure the safety of participants, guests and staff is uncertain.

The committee determined there were too many unknown issues beyond our control to
reasonably proceed.

However, should a youth participate in events during 2020 that awards them honors
that meet the criteria for which the Equine Commission would present an award, they
should register on this website just as if Youth Day was going to happen. These youth
will be mailed a certificate and also be invited to attend Youth Day At The Capital 2022.
Registration will open on this website in early August and close December 31, 2020.

In the meantime, everyone please be safe and take all precautions to protect you, your
family and others from Covid-19.

Thank you for being a part of Georgia’s equine industry.

The Georgia Commodity Commission for Equine

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